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Every day we are engaged in the selection of locations for the filming of a completely different projects. Communal apartments and luxury penthouses, modern countryside residences and professorial mid-twentieth century cottages, offices and hospitals, shops and showrooms, abandoned the territory and factories, roof boxes and soccer playgrounds, sand pits and airports, as well as countless other objects are subject of our great interest.
If you are the owner or representative of the owner of the real estate object and ready  or rent of yours apartment / house / office / space / etc. for filming - just call or write us - our managers advise you on the possibility of shooting in your facility, calculate competitive price for the day of filming and will provide a photography set of the room for further accommodation in our database. Our priority is maximum comfort and proper conduct shooting period, as well as ensuring the safety of property and order on the set. During filming, our manager is inseparable on the set and monitors the implementation of rules and regulations at the facility location.
We pay great attention to correct the behavior of employees and crews do not give them to forget that they are a guest of the host country and must comply with elementary ethics behavior. We value our facilities and always seek long-term mutually advantageous cooperation.
Let's make a film together!



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